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About Us

Ace Creative Studio is a full service family owned creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. Our founders Kelvin Marks and Stephanie Marks are experience creative designers in the industry for more than 8 years. The duo has completed over 1500+ projects from since the start of there career before founding Ace Creative Studio. We have a team of more that 70 designers that are ready to assist you get in front of your competitors. We specialize in bringing awareness to our clients brand through a variety of platforms. We create and design campaigns directly in line with our clients needs and goals.

We are a customer-focused entity. We believe it is important to anticipate and evolve, quickly and intelligently, to an ever changing market place. We develop ideas, identities and strategies, digitally and in the real world, creating experiences that connect brands with their audiences.

Our Services

Asking why gives us insight into your thinking, processes and paints the whole picture of your product or brand. Answering the question of what allows us to create design, marketing and production concepts to best represent your brand. When we know why you’re doing, what you’re doing, then we work out how to implement the ideas, designs and strategies that will represent your brand.

Graphics Design

At Ace Creative Studio, we got you covered from Advertising, brochures, direct mail, banners, signs, business cards, letterhead and more! We offer design services as well as coordinating print and mailing services for you. As easy as that!


If you’re looking to brand your business, wish to add a mascot to the team or have a story to tell, character animation attracts the attention you need. Talk to us and we’ll help you decide if 3D modeling or 2D illustration works best for your objective.

UI/UX Design

At Ace Creative Studio, we don’t just make pretty designs and slick products. We deliver clarity and simplicity that result in meaningful experiences for your customers. We want to ensure you stay on top of the competitors. 

Here is how we can help!

Our Capabilities

• Logo & Identity design
• Publication design
• Infographic design
• Motion graphics
• Presentation design
• Content Marketing Strategy
• Promotional Campaigns
• Social media management
• Web design and development
• UI/UX Designs

Our Expertise

We help our clients:

  • define and communicate their visual identity

  • build strong, defined and focused brands

  • develop relevant customer engagement strategies

  • create content and experience based marketing campaigns

  • produce cross-platform multimedia projects

  • increase exposure through the right mix of media platforms

  • build brand awareness to stay on top competiti\ors

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5230 Pacific Concourse Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm

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